Royal Purple motor oil full review

When shopping for motor oil, there are quite a few brands, and different features to look for, depending on the age of the car, mileage, and other factors.

Knowing what oil to buy is not only going to extend the life of your car, it is also going to provide other benefits.

When you choose the right oil it can help you maintain the vehicle, and it can also help you save on the cost of fuel, if you buy the right one.

With Royal Purple, you are going to get a high performance street synthetic motor oil, for a great ride, and smooth transitions.

where can i buy royal purple oil

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When you choose Royal Purple motor oil, there are quite a few benefits you are going to receive from it; some of the benefits for on road drivers are:



  • Increased HP and torque and maximum coverage for your vehicle.
  • Max wear protection, so your car wears evenly, and results in optimal performance.
  • Advanced protection, meaning you are going to get better on road performance.
  • Oxidation stability, which other motor oils are not going to provide for you.
  • Zinc and phosphorous are infused in the vehicle for optimal performance.


With quite a few benefits and with max stability, you are going to notice far better performance with your vehicle.

Motor oil is essential in all vehicles, you have to choose the right brand for optimal performance, and the best results. This motor oil is going to produce the difference when you are ready to change the oil.



Some of the product features you are going to receive with this Royal Purple; some of the great features that this oil provides include:

  • Increased fuel efficiency, oxidation stability will result in a cleaner engine, so will require less work for your engine to perform the way that you want it to perform.
  • A cleaner engine and a cleaner running vehicle.By cleaning out the engine, and providing max oxidation, your vehicle is going to run smoothly, and require less torque and performance, for the drive you are used to.
  • Advanced protection due to a higher lift and camshaft; this not only results in a smoother ride, but also a safer ride for you and your family on the road.
  • 5w, 10w, and 20w options when you purchase the oil.This ensures you can use it for more than one vehicle, and you are going to find a synthetic blend of oil for any vehicle that you drive.
  • Corrosion protection to ensure your vehicle lasts, and run smoothly.

Additive technologies have also been added to this brand of motor oil, meaning it is going to produce the smoothest ride for drivers. With Royal Purple, you no longer have to change the oil every 3000 miles like you used to with other brands and older vehicles.


Your car is going to run just as smoothly, and the oil is going to be just as fluid, even after 8000 on up to 10000 miles at a time, without having to change the oil as often as you used to.

This not only means you are going to have clean oil in the engine, it also means you are not going to have to spend as much to change the oil.


royal-purple oil performance

Since your new oil brand can go three times longer than what you are used to, you only have to change the oil one third of the times you did in the past; so, you are bound to save on the price of the changes, and maintenance work that has to be completed on your vehicle, as your car is cleaner, and running much smoother than it used to.


With older engines, Royal Purple is also the ideal solution.When you go to the mechanic, they try to sell you with a much higher cost oil, and tell you that you have to go with a synthetic blend; this is really not the case.It is the way that they make more money from older vehicle owners.


best synthetic motor oil

You no longer have to worry about this issue when you turn to Royal Purple. It is designed for any vehicle, and it is the perfect solution for those who have an older vehicle and an older engine.

You know the oil is ideal for your car, and as there are different grades, for different engines, it is going to make it much easier on your car and engine.


A higher natural solvency is the result of switching over to a better quality oil. This cleans the engine, and remove dirt and debris from your engine.

By switching to the synthetic blend, it is not only going to clean out your engine, it is also going to result in a smoother ride in your car, and safety no matter where you drive on the road with your vehicle.

With improved metal to metal performance, your car is also going to run a bit more quiet on the road.

So, when you are driving in severe conditions, you are going to find that it is going to allow your car to make the essential move, and your car is going to be able to respond when your car needs to stop in a quick or short situation.


It does not matter what kind of car you own, what engine that you have in your car, or what age your car is, there are quite a few reasons for you to switch over to the right oil blend and a synthetic blend.


When you go with Royal Purple, you are going to get a much smoother blend, a better oil, and an oil that is going to perform well in any car, and any driving conditions that you are going to be under.


You are going to save on the cost of maintenance, you are going to save on the cost of fuel, and you are going to notice that your car is going to work and handle any driving condition, when you choose to turn to Royal Purple for your car.


Royal Purple  filter



royal-purple filter review



When buying a new oil filter, you will find the Royal Purple oil filter is a great option; not only is it suited for a variety of cars, depending on the size filter you choose, you can also find it for different makes and models, regardless of what you drive.


With 100% synthetic micro glass, it ensure exceptional particle removal; this in turn will guarantee your oil filter and oil are clean, so you are going to get better performance out of your vehicle, no matter where you are driving, or how many miles it has on it.



Some of the great features that you are going to love, when you choose this oil filter for your vehicle are:

  • 99% filtration of the microns that build up in the oil, for cleaner oil in your system, no matter how many miles you go without an oil change.
  • High performance silicone is used, meaning it is built to last, and it is made with durable material quality.

  • An extra heavy duty rubber gasket makes this piece fit in to place, ensures it will not move around, and prevents a dry start in your vehicle.

  • A leak free seal will holdthe oil in, and makes it easier for you to change the oil, when it is time for a change.

  • An ultra strength fiber casing, is durable, can withstand pressure and heat, and can withstand any driving conditions that you put your vehicle under, once you install it in to your car’s filter system.



With cleaner oil, you not only get better performance from your car and engine, you are also going to save on the cost of fuel as well; so, you are going to notice that your car is going to run on less gas once you install the new filter as well.

Due to the fact that there are different sized oil filters, for different cars, you have to be sure to check the size fitting; not only to buy one that is going to fit your vehicle properly, but also to ensure you have found the best quality filter, and something that is built for your car, and for ultimate performance once you install it in to your vehicle.

When it comes to performance, durability, and quality, Royal Purple is going to deliver on all fronts, for owners, and those who are looking for the best in quality parts and performance.

You are not only going to find a filter that is simple to install, and can be purchased for a number of cars, you are also going to find one that will withstand the driving you do, and can deliver on performance, for a longer period of time than other filters you have owned in the past.

It is built to last, rugged, and it is going to result in optimal performance when you choose the best oil filter for your car; you are going to get this when you choose the Royal Purple name for your vehicle.